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some   special   use,   dangerous   to   himself nor
seriously inconvenient to his fellow-citizens.
" (7) That a man unless he is declared by a
competent authority to be a danger to himself
and to others through mental abnormality, a
declaration which must be annually
shall not be imprisoned for a longer period
six days without being chained with a definite
offence against the law, nor for more than three
months without a public trial. At the end of
the latter period, if he has not been tried and
sentenced by due process of law, he shall be
released. Nor shall he be conscripted for military,
police or any other service to which he has a
conscientious objection.
cc (8) That although a man is subject to the free
criticism of his fellows, he shall have adequate
protection from any lying or misrepresentation
that may distress or injure him. All administra-
tive registration and records about a man shall
be open to his personal and private inspection.
There shall be no secret dossiers in any adminis-
trative department. All dossiers shall be accessible
to the man concerned and subject to verification
and correction at his challenge, A dossier is
merely a memorandum ; it cannot be used as
evidence without proper confirmation in open